About Vialet


I created Discover Your Spiritual Gifts as a haven for those seeking and teaching spirituality. My vision includes providing a sacred sanctuary, so as a loving community, we heighten our individual and collective consciousness, and unearth and share our inner gifts. DYSG connects people to their divine purpose and happiness. The supportive sanctuary promotes imagination, confidence, self-empowerment, growth, and abundance. 

When I teach classes and programs, I lead them in the highest level of sacredness, compassion, and connection to your soul growth. I am committed to being transparent and inclusive with my teachings, by providing you with the resources and information for the highest wisdom. I am organized and professional in my delivery and design of programs to meet everyone’s learning style. 

As a transformational healer, I hold sacred space for the individual and their healing. It is my goal to support you on your spiritual journey. I believe that deep healing can be done in a gentle and compassionate way. I provide an integrated approach with a variety of tools to support you in your transformation to self-empowerment as a divine being. 

I am a Sacred Guide, Magical Creator, Alchemist, Akashic Librarian, Activation Recordkeeper, Sacred Priestess, Mystery School Initiate, Transformational Healer/Coach, Gifted Medium, Intuitive Channeler, Business Professional & College Professor. 

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